Your Instrument Rating Course can be completed within 5 weeks (excluding theory).


You need:

  • a minimum of a New Zealand PPL or NZ CAA validated equivalent licence with PPL night requirements
  • at least 50 hours cross country Pilot in Command
  • a minimum of a Class 2 Medical Certificate including a Class 1 hearing assessment

Note that if you hold a NZ CPL or NZ CAA validated equivalent licence, you must have completed the required NZ CPL night hours.

Course Description - Theory

Your Instrument Rating theory course covers the theory subjects set out in the NZ CAA syllabus. These are:

  • IR Law
  • IR Navigation Aids
  • IR Navigation

Course Description - Flight Training

This covers the NZ CAA syllabus for an Instrument Rating. Your Instrument Rating Flight Test will be conducted by an ASL approved flight testing officer. Extensive use is made of our Aerosoft GA28R flight simulator, which will save you both time and money.


During your theory course, your progress towards the required standard will be monitored by progress tests, with final revision assessments prior to sitting ASL examinations. Your flight training progress is monitored by a debriefing with your instructor following each flight.

Course Cost (Multi Engine)

The cost is based on 20 hours multi engine, 10 hours simulator training, and 20 hours single engine. The cost includes all theory study material, Flight Test fee, Licence Issue, Exam Fees, Airways and Landing fees, and CAA Instrument Flight Guide and update service. Prices are subject to change, please contact us for current pricing details.

Course Dates

Instrument Rating courses are part of our Professional Pilots Course; following on from the CPL. Instrument ratings are also available on demand.


All navigation equipment and Airways Publications (AIP's and Charts) are included in the course costs.


An Instrument Rating is a useful extension for a PPL holder who regularly flies and does not want to be inhibited by poor weather conditions. A Multi-Engine Rating is essential for any student wanting a career with an airline, with post rating experience being a critical part of your CV and necessary for any employment application with an airline.

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