Multi Engine Ratings

We have a Piper Seneca, which can be utilised for initial Multi Engine Ratings. The NZ CAA requires 5 hours of dual flight instruction for initial multi ratings.

Night Ratings

Dunedin's long hours of darkness during the winter months make Mainland Aviation College the perfect place to do your night rating. The night rating can be done in any of our aircraft; the NZ CAA requires 5 hours for the PPL night rating and 10 hours for the CPL night rating.

This rating can be incorporated into the 200 hour requirement for a CPL.

Type Ratings

Our fleet of a Piper Chieftain, two Piper Seneca III's, a TB10 Tobago and six Cessna 152's is available for type ratings subject to relevant experience for type. The amount of dual training required for each Type Rating varies with aircraft, so please contact us for further information.

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